• Calculated Mistakes

    Calculated Mistakes

    I posted this story on Reddit in r/talesfromtechsupport, but thought it would fit in here as well. I worked as head of IT in a municipal office, and part of my job description was help desk things. Well, one day a kindergarten called and let me know that nothing worked. With them not willing to […]

  • The Week of the Linux Desktop

    The Week of the Linux Desktop

    So, I installed a Linux distribution on my main gaming and workstation PC. I ran it for a week. To provide some information for those new to alternative operating systems to Windows, let me give you a small synposis: One of the more common operating system families other than Windows and macOS is often referred […]

  • I Must Project

    I Must Project

    This is a story about my job as head of IT in a small municipal office in Austria. It is is not the last story about that place, there are many to come. A head As head of IT, you not only manage all of the government instalments but also all schools and preschools. I […]

  • The Snapdragon Situation

    The Snapdragon Situation

    After Apple unveiled their ARM-based Apple Silicon devices, the industry suddenly scrambled to pump out their own devices running non-x86 processors – now with renewed enthusiasm after less encouraging attempts like Windows RT. Still, it seems everyone got some catching up to do in the RISC space to catch up with the fruit company. But […]

  • Memos.


    Hello, dear reader. Welcome to Memos. This blog is about working in tech support, tinkering with electronics and similar escapades. Currently, only I – Jakob – am posting here, but do stay tuned for other authors making their entry here. You can follow this blog in multiple ways, at the moment that’s following individual authors […]